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Friday, December 31, 2010

Nursing Bras

Nursing bras.  Created to make life easier.  Ha.  Haha.  Hahaha.  

Pre-pregnancy, I was an average height and build person who wore a slightly larger than average bra size.  During pregnancy, post-pregnancy and while nursing, things have grown and then remained a little more larger than average.  I was so shocked to find, no matter what retail store I went to, that retailers are not equipped to serve larger busted nursing mothers.  Those who carry anything at all beyond a D or DD size simply want to shove you in a super-large sports bra to create the perfect uniboob.  I am not at all a fan of the uniboob, so the sports bra was not an option for me.  Several folks suggested nursing tanks.  I have tried several of these as well, and they were as successful as the nursing sports bras.  My biggest frustration is knowing that, while I am a little bigger than average, and generally wear a seldom purchased pre-pregnancy size, I am certainly not the only one out there who wants to fully support and dress up a larger set of girls when nursing.  So why are supportive larger-size nursing bras so hard to find in a store???

I was hesitant to order online, simply because of the inability to try merchandise on before purchasing.  But the longer I looked and tried things on in local retail stores, the more I realized that ordering online was going to be my only option.  I looked through several online stores, and then found a store that offers free size exchange and free shipping for the first round of size exchange.  This caught my attention.

Mommy Gear had a decent array of nursing bras designed for those of us with slightly larger through much larger than average needs.  I looked at the features of many of these bras and read the reviews left by others who had purchased them, and finally selected two.  Although both retailed for about $50, I know with absolutely certainty, that at this stage of the game I cannot put a price on getting the girls separated and lifted away from my belly button.  :-)

Shipping was super quick.  Sadly, neither bra fit the way I was hoping.  So I called their 800 number and spoke with one of the sales reps in their retail store.  I explained my difficulties, including the fact that I have been professionally measured a handful of times since Jenna was born and nothing in the 'correct' size seems to fit correctly, and she was most helpful!!!  At the end of the 15 minute conversation, we decided to stick with the same two styles that I had originally selected and go with different sizes.

I selected one additional size to try in Style A.  Because it was a straight up size exchange, there was no charge at all.  I selected two additional sizes to try in Style B.  There was no charge for the first one, since it was a straight up size exchange; I had to pay retail price for the second one, since I had only ordered two bras to begin with.  BUT...they will refund my money for anything that I return.  The best part is that there was no shipping charge for the second round of bras,  and she told me to keep the original two (that did not fit) until I was ready to return everything that I didn't want.  That was I only had to pay return shipping once. 

The second box arrived the other day, and I am happy to say that I have a bra in Style A that fits like a glove!!  Sadly, after trying three different sizes in Style B, I have accepted that this style is just not for me.  I sent a box back to them today with the four unwanted bras, and requested a second bra in Style A.  Based on the recommendations from the lady that I talked with on Monday, I also decided to try a third style that they sell quite a few of.

So, if any of you find yourself experiencing the same sort of difficulty, consider giving Mommy Gear a try.  In addition to nursing bras, they carry all kinds of other items... pumps, baby wear, kid wear, baby slings, etc.  (I have definitely not been paid for this, nor is it an advertisement!!!  I just absolutely love really good customer service when I can find it, and even more than that, I love being able to find something that fits the girls so well!!!)

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011!  If you venture out tonight, travel safely!!


Betty said...

Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to share that with us all. It is really hard to find good nursing bras period, and I too have noticed that fuller chested ladies would have a problem. I was an A cup pre-baby and almost a DD after my son was born so I have no idea how larger chested ladies do it. It's rare these days that you find a company who is so willing to go above and beyond like that. I want to buy from them just because they were so nice to you!

Holly said...

Sounds like a good company!! I had to go get new nursing bras this time because my boobs were even bigger!! I'm currently wearing an E. I was able to find this size at Motherhood Maternity but I didn't see anything larger than that there. I'm not sure what I would have done if they had been out of the size or didn't have it. I'll have to check out their site!